Tips for Finding a Divorce Lawyer

The end of a marriage is usually an emotional milestone in a person’s life, and one where reliable, persistent and approachable legal representation is key to an equitable outcome. But with so many qualified divorce lawyers vying for your business, how do you choose one who you can believe in? Undoubtedly, you want an attorney you can trust to provide the highest quality representation that fits both your budget and your personality.

Meeting your needs

There is more to hiring an attorney than merely finding someone highly experienced in representing clients in the area of law in which you need representation. Ideally, the lawyer will provide diligent legal services and be approachable about your concerns, all for an affordable fee.

If you believe your case will be contentious, or will at least require time in court, spend time at your courthouse watching attorneys in action. How do they speak to their clients?

Other suggestions

The decision about who you hire to represent you in your divorce is one that will likely impact the rest of your life. You need someone capable of obtaining the best possible settlement available to you under your state’s divorce laws. While the following is not an exhaustive list of matters to consider when hiring a divorce lawyer, it provides a solid foundation for beginning your search:

  • If you need to meet evenings or weekends, will the lawyer accommodate your schedule?
  • It is required in Pennsylvania for the attorney to offer a written fee agreement? That’s important because you want to know exactly what your attorney has committed to do for you, and at what cost.

You will have to live with the end results of your divorce for the rest of your life, so be selective about the attorney you hire to represent you.

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