Orders of Protection for Dogs

According to studies conducted by animal protection agencies across the nation, approximately 70 percent of women who have been abused report that the domestic violence abuser has threatened to kill their pets. Additionally, 50 percent of domestic violence victims postpone leaving their home for fear that their dogs, cats, and other pets could be harmed by the abuser.

Some 22 states have laws on the books that allow a victim to include a pet in a protection order against an alleged abuser. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is not one of them.

It’s been less than one year since the 6-year-old Labrador mix Panzer made national news when the dog won the right to be protected under a restraining order taken out against the boyfriend of a 38-year-old mom.

The mom and her young won and her dog are safe and protected now. The family has for the moment split up, with the family living a shelter, while Panzer is being cared for in a foster family. The family will be reunited once the mother finds stable housing.

The mother’s violent male friend is said to have kicked and dragged the dog in the past. Sadly, Pennsylvania lags behind many other states in the union when it comes to anti-cruelty laws to protect dogs from abusive situations.

Sarah Speed, Pennsylvania State Director of the Humane Society notes that studies indicate where animal cruelty is present, there is also often a high occurrence of spousal and child abuse. Unfortunately, the rural nature of Pennsylvania makes it harder for people to understand that yes, indeed, dogs can be abused and should be protected from cruel behavior by their fellow family members.

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