She Claims I’m the Father of Her Child

Being informed that you are the father of a child or are going to be a father can be an extremely upsetting experience if you aren’t expecting it. Before you sign on as the baby’s daddy, take a few deep breaths and know that there are straightforward ways to protect your rights and determine whether you are, or are not, the biological parent of the child in question.

Taking the Paternity Test

If someone you know is claiming that you are the father of her child, even if the child is unborn, take a paternity test to determine whether this is indeed the case. The mother or mother-to-be in question can go through the court to order you to take a paternity test, so it may behoove you to take one on your own and clear the matter up as soon as possible.

It’s important that when you do take the paternity test, you purchase the legally binding paternity test, rather than a simple “informational” test. The legal one will hold up in a court of law. The paternity test will determine clearly whether you are the biological father of the baby in question.

Please note that if you are not married to the woman in question yet have been paying child support, signed an acknowledgement of paternity at the birth of the child or at some point later on, you could potentially be held accountable and responsible as the child’s father – even if the paternity is not yours.

Paternity Questions? Skilled Jenkintown Child Support and Divorce Attorney

Just because someone is claiming you are the father of her child, does not mean it is so. Before you allow yourself to sign any papers or start paying any support, discuss your situation and learn your rights with an experienced paternity and family law attorney at Joanne E. Kleiner & Associates, in Jenkintown, PA.

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