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If your marriage can’t be salvaged you may want to avoid the bitterness and acrimony that can be part of protracted divorce litigation. Or you may simply want to resolve your disputes as amicably as possible, so that you can put this part of your life behind you and start over. Mediation may be the best way to accomplish your goals. But you want sound advice as you go through the mediation process, so that your interests are protected and you get the outcome you want.
At the law office of Joanne E. Kleiner & Associates, we have helped men and women in family law matters for more than 25 years, including mediation proceedings. We’ll take the time to learn the details of your situation, as well as what you need to move forward with your life. We understand the anxiety and uncertainty that you can feel during a family law dispute. Contact our office online or call us at 215-886-1266 to set up a private meeting.

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Our Family Law Mediation Practice

In mediation, you work with a third party neutral, who helps you and your ex-spouse find mutually beneficial ways to resolve any differences. The mediator won’t tell you how your disputes must be resolved, but will facilitate constructive dialogue to help you find solutions that work for everyone.

At our office, we can either serve as your family law mediator, or provide counsel to you as you work with another mediator. When we mediate a divorce issue, we work with you and your ex-spouse, focusing on finding ways to settle your differences. Mediation is different from litigation—we won’t listen to testimony from witnesses, or consider factual or legal arguments, and we won’t make any decisions for you. You will always be free to reject any proposal your ex-spouse makes, and to make your own offers to resolve any dispute.

If you are working with another mediator, we will help you fully prepare for mediation, so that you have the best chance of getting the outcome you want. We will carefully explain the mediation process, so that you know exactly what to expect. We will brainstorm with you about your options, helping you clarify those issues that are non-negotiable, as well as any bargaining chips that you may hold.

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