Legal Steps You Can Take to Get Away from Domestic Violence

Steps You Can Take to Escape a Situation Involving Domestic Violence

San womanWhen you are the victim of domestic violence, you can feel trapped, fearful that any action you take will only lead to more abuse. Here are some things you can do to get out of an abusive situation.

Call the Police

Whenever you have been the victim of domestic violence, you can always call police (or 911). It can be a risky act, though, as it may lead to an immediate escalation in domestic violence, and it can take law enforcement officers some time to reach you. In addition, most police will tell you that, if they are called to a situation of alleged domestic violence, somebody will go to jail.

Ask the Court for a Restraining Order

The courts have the authority to issue an order prohibiting a person from contacting you or coming within a certain distance of you. Unfortunately, the courts do not have the resources to enforce these orders. If you get a restraining order and your ex violates it, you must notify authorities, which can often put you at greater risk.

Contact a Victim’s Advocate

In most states, domestic violence victim’s advocates are available to assist persons subjected to domestic abuse. A victim’s advocate will help you find counseling, walk you through the process of getting a restraining order, come with you to meet with police officers or when you go to court, and help you understand your options. A victim’s advocate will likely be able to help you find a shelter, so that you can escape the cycle of violence.
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