Why you should be honest in your child custody case

The current ongoing custody dispute over Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s two sons, Bob and Max, has proven that embellished allegations of the opposing party gets you no where in the eyes of the court. Brooke has recently sought to have the court remove her two sons from the care and custody of Denise Richards. In attempt to do so, Brooke claimed that Denise was merely taking care of the boys for the sole purpose to receive child support. Denise promptly rebutted this argument with solid proof in the form of a sworn declaration that she had refused to receive any money from Charlie, ever.

Regardless of the situation, child custody cases tend to be complicated and deeply emotional. Therefore, it is always best to remain honest and amicable throughout the divorce process. By exaggerating or making false allegations of the other party, you will only prolong the process and ruin your credibility with the court. As such, the court will continue to view you as dishonest and weigh in favor of the other side. Not only does honesty fair well with the court, it generally helps to prevent unnecessary or additional conflict and adversity. For instance, lying and being unreasonable throughout the process will most likely prove to be counterproductive and will unnecessarily increase the complexity, length and cost of the case.

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