Child Parenting Time (Visitation) Agreements

Pennsylvania family law attorneys are often asked what type of child parenting time schedule could be awarded in a particular client’s circumstances. While each family’s situation is unique, a typical child parenting schedule may include the following:

Supervised visits. In cases where endangerment is an issue, visits are typically restricted to supervised visits of a few hours per week.

Every other weekend. This would be typical as a bare minimum visitation for involved noncustodial parents, and may be most workable for parents who do not live in close proximity but close enough to work out alternate weekends.

Every other weekend and one weekday evening. This is a common visitation arrangement for couples living in close proximity, with the children returning to the primary residence on the weeknight.

Every other weekend and one overnight weeknight. This is also a popular visitation arrangement in which the weeknight visit extends overnight.

Every other weekend and two weekday evenings per week. This visitation arrangement may be more appropriate for older children who require less intensive care and have later bedtime schedules.

Every other weekend and two overnight weeknights. This type of visitation schedule is more likely when a joint physical custody arrangement exists.

Week on, week off. This is the clearest example of equal time — however, many parents do not like a full week without seeing their children.

Six days and one (overnight). This is similar to a week on, week off arrangement, except that the alternating parent has a day midweek.

Six days and one (evening). This is the same as above except the midweek day has no overnight stay.

Two-two-three-three. This schedule rotates Monday/Tuesday, then Wednesday/Thursday, then Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then repeats.

Two-two-five-five. This schedule gives every Monday/Tuesday to one parent and every Wednesday/Thursday to the other parent, and then weeks are rotated.

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