Online Infidelity: Cheating Spouses on Facebook and Twitter in Pennsylvania (PA)

Social media has made the possibility of cheating a lot easier. You don’t even have to physically be present to cheat on your spouse anymore. Online cheating, or carrying on a virtual affair through sexting; illicit flirtations through Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks; risqué photo exchanges, or other online is growing at a troubling rate.

There are online websites like Ashley Madison, the dating website for men and women who are already married but who are seeking an affair outside their marriage. Additionally, porn-related searches on the web accounts for 25 percent of all search engine requests, with 8 percent of all emails being porn related. And sex is the number one topic searched on the Internet, according to NCPCE Online, “Current Statistics,”

The fine line between chatting and cheating can be easily crossed. How do you know when your spouse has crossed the line? What are the signs?

Your spouse becomes withdrawn and emotionally distant.

Your spouse is spending an excessive amount of time on computer, especially on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites.

Your spouse doesn’t want you to see his FB posts. He or she may suddenly close the screen when you enter the room.

Your spouse is no longer talking about social media, though she or he used to enjoy talking about it regularly and often.

Your spouse always erases the browser history after using the computer, something that did not happen before.

Spy software can be purchased that takes screen shots, allows you to obtain a record of all things typed on Facebook, and obtain browser histories. There is similar spyware for cell phones that will recover deleted phone numbers, photos, and texts.

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