Child Parenting Time (Visitation) Guidelines

The intent of child parenting time is to ensure that both parents may play a significant role in their child’s life. While being a parent is not easy and all parents make mistakes, it is in your child’s best interests to have a good and loving relationship with each parent.

In developing a child parenting (visitation) plan, the following guidelines may be helpful:

• Maintain regular contact between the child and both parents.

• Parents should refrain from physically or verbally attacking the other parent in the presence of their children.

• The custodial parent should ensure the children are prepared for the visitation and available at the mutually agreed-upon time. And the noncustodial parent should return the child at the agreed-upon time.

• Visitation should be allowed outside the child’s primary residence, such as the noncustodial parent’s home or an agreed-upon outing location.

• Parents should refrain from involving romantic partners in their child visitation time. This time is meant to be shared with child and parent, and involving third parties can be confusing and dilute the quality of parenting time.

• Time spent with the noncustodial parent should be as frequent as is practical. Schedules should be flexible enough to allow for changes when necessary, and the other parent should be informed of schedule changes as soon as possible.

• Any schedule established should be adjusted to reflect your child’s age, health and interests as he or she grows.

• Each parent should encourage a good relationship between the child and the other parent, regardless of his or her personal opinion of the ex-spouse.

• Never use your children as bargaining chips, spies or go-betweens with the other parent. The purpose of parenting time is to spend time with your child.

• Both parents should resolve to reach agreement in decisions about their children, especially concerning discipline. And disagreements should never be discussed in your child’s presence.

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