Common Paternity Issues in Pennsylvania (PA)

A home DNA paternity test can cost as little as $79 dollars, but it will not hold up in a court of law. A DNA paternity test that legally can establish paternity costs $230 or more in Pennsylvania. The issues of paternity, however, revolve around far more than money.

Single Moms

When a single mother has a baby, paternity of that child must be determined to resolve questions involving child support and child custody.  Once paternity is established, an order of child support will be directed to the father. Additionally, he can seek visitation rights or even child custody, in some situations.

Married But Not the Father

A mother may hesitate to address paternity if she does not want the alleged father to have anything to do with the child, or if she is married to another man who is not the father.

Sometimes, a paternity case involves a man legally acknowledging that he is the father of a child, but then he learns that the child in question is not actually his biological child. IT may take more than just a DNA test to set aside an acknowledgement of paternity, especially if many years have passed. If there is the slightest question about paternity, it is wise to take the DNA paternity test before signing the document of paternity.

When Grandparents Are Raising the Child

There can be occasions when the birth mother may not be able to parent her baby. The young mom’s parents may take over parenting, but they may refuse to allow the biological father access to the baby in question. The alleged father will need to take a paternity test to establish parenthood. Once that is established, he will then need to seek visitation or even custody of the child through the family court system in Pennsylvania.

In other cases, blood relatives of the child in question believe that the biological father is no longer alive. The father may not even know, however, that he has a child. If he does learn of the child and believes that he is the father, he will also need to establish paternity through DNA testing.

Paternity cases can be quite complex, and having an attorney who is experienced in representing clients involved in paternity cases can protect your rights and provide reassurance at every step of the way through these emotionally challenging situations.

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