5 Mistakes People Make When Contemplating Divorce

People contemplating divorce should think ahead. Divorce is not something that should be entered into blindly. You need to take the time to evaluate your situation, and if possible, take the time to put yourself in the best position for a divorce.

To assist you, we would like to provide you with the information you need to avoid five common mistakes that other people make when contemplating a divorce:

1. Make sure you do not rush into a divorce. That is not to say that divorce may not be right for you, but it does mean that you should take care to make informed decisions and protect yourself and your future from adverse financial consequences, to the extent possible.
2. Do not go on a spending spree. Rather, take any excess money you have to buy down your debts. The less you owe, the better shape you will be in when you divorce.
3. Consider mediation or the collaborative law process, especially if you have children. Collaborative law in a divorce will help ease the stress on you and your children, as well as give you much more control of the terms of your divorce.
4. Make sure property and credit cards in your name, and if possible, establish your credit. You do not want to find yourself with no credit after a divorce.
5. Gather as much information about your finances as possible, including account numbers, contact information and balance history for all insurance policies, bank accounts, investments and retirement plans. Do not go into a divorce blind, you need to know as much as possible about your family finances.

Divorce can be difficult. Oftentimes individuals want to rush through a divorce and move on with their lives. However, you will find that a little time and contemplation now, may end up providing you with a much brighter and financially secure future. If you are letting emotion cloud your judgment, consult with your family law attorney and divorce lawyer. They should be able to ground you and ensure you have the information and fortitude to make sound decisions.

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