The Collaborative Divorce Process in Pennsylvania

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to litigated divorces that resolves your issues through cooperation with your ex-spouse — and takes places entirely outside the courtroom. The collaborative divorce process forms a team of the spouses, their attorneys and other professionals to address the unique needs of your family. The cooperative dynamic of collaborative divorce gives you a better chance for a positive outcome than litigation, in which a judge ultimately decides the issues for you.

The collaborative divorce process offers many advantages over litigation because it:

• Creates an atmosphere for civil negotiation and cooperation
• Involves other professionals to address more than just legal concerns
• Develops a financial plan to address future concerns
• Addresses each spouse’s emotional concerns
• Develops co-parenting plans for divorces involving children

The collaborative divorce process is based upon the spirit of cooperation. In fact, the first action in a collaborative divorce is a commitment by both parties and their attorneys not to involve the court in the process. This commitment is fundamental to the process and key in creating the cooperative atmosphere necessary to make collaborative divorce successful. Collaborative divorce is different than mediated divorce, in which a neutral mediator helps to resolve your issues. In the collaborative divorce process, the parties, though working cooperatively to achieve a negotiated settlement, are not neutral. Each party’s collaborative divorce attorney provides their client with independent legal advice regarding any proposed agreements. Should you or your ex-spouse opt to go to court, however, the process ends and both attorneys must withdraw.

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Collaborative divorce has increased in popularity because it is a non-litigated approach to divorce aimed toward resolution for both parties. To learn more about the collaborative divorce process contact us online or call (215) 886-1266 to schedule a consultation.

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